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Subject My TT swap recap
Posted by MidnightZ on September 07, 2017 at 5:25 PM
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Message Hi guys,

My photobucket pics in my previous posts are dead so I'm reposting with pics linked to google photo. I'm also including the link to the original posts so one could go back and see the conversations related to the post.

Posted on 3/25/16. Click here to see the original post.

My 90 2+2 auto TT swap is getting underway. I've followed many helpful how-to's and tips from this site and very glad that many folks have contributed. Here's a brief summary of my progress:

Many years ago:

Getting ready to pull the tired engine:

The easy part is done (yes, AC and CC are out):

VG30DETT is ready (new gasket kit):

New Wiring Specialty Harness in.

NA engine. 228K miles.

Posted on 7/1/16. Click here to see the original post.

Hi guys,
I think I'm ready to drop the TT in and I want to double check if I left anything out.
I've done:

TT gasket kit
Upper plenum coolant bypass
New hose everywhere like high pressure fuel hose, turbo oil return hoses, PCV, PS return hose...etc
WS engine and detonate sensor harness
SZ TT auto ECU socketing
CC, AC, EGR delete
TT intercooler & pipings
Front Upper A-Arm spacers
New engine mounts
New steering rack HP hose copper washers
PS pump, alternator, and starter harness mounted

Also, is it ok if I install the transmission at a later time? What's the reasonable amount of time to leave the engine on the engine mounts without the third support from the transmission mount?

Posted on 9/13/16. Click here to see the original post.

Hi guys,
I haven't connect any wiring, hoses...etc to the engine, yet. It's just sitting on the engine mounts. I'm wondering if it would make it easier if I lower the engine with the hoist, to install the transmission. I think I just need to disconnect upper strut mounts, tension rods, steering CV joint, brake hose clips, and crossmember. Lower it enough to allow more space around the bell housing to reach the top bolts. Has anyone done this?
It seems that the consensus of the folks on is that the top bolts are the hardest part of this task. Would this make it easier, considering I haven't attach anything but engine mounts?

So far, here's my progress to date... With my 14 year old son's help, we shoehorned the engine in:

I left the chains for the hoist and strapped on the front bumper support.

I bought a JDM import TT auto transmission. The harness and oil hard line were cut by the importer. Had to open the transmission pan to swap the harness.

NA hardline not quite long enough.

Ready to go:

Posted on 3/27/17. Click here to see the original post.

Bolted up TT auto tranny this weekend and I just wanted to share my experience and reiterate that the weight of the transmission required a vigilant eye at all times. I bought a transmission jack but the ratchet was too large to release in the tunnel.

So the first time I tried to install the tranny, I took the strap off. The jack didn’t move with the tranny and as I was shifting it tried to line up, the tranny rolled off the jack. Luckily it crushed just one of my fingers. It could have been much worse.

My poor finger (reduced the size so I don’t gross you out).

Removing automatic pilot bushing. I used a loaner from the local auto store and didn’t have any trouble.

To keep the tranny secured at all times and still able to remove the strap after raised up in the tunnel, I replaced one of the bolts with a tooling pin. After the tranny was bolted to the engine, I pulled the pin to release the strap.

To get enough space under the car, I built wood cribbing blocks.

Without the hood and EGR valve, I was able to reach the top three bolts from above.

Six months and one finger later.

Next step, reach into my long term memory and re-connect all the loose hoses/plugs...

Paul's 1990 Midnight Blue 2+2

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