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Subject Dynopalo0za 2019 Physics Charts... with 62% more numbers!
Posted by vorpalZed on July 04, 2019 at 11:26 AM
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Message 5 Z32s tuned with the most variety of fuel we've seen yet:

Shell V-Power 91
Petro-Can and Husky 94 10% Ethanol
100 oct. Av Gas
102 AFD Fury Race Fuel
VP 109

I've attempted to list the mods to the best of my knowledge....

All runs at STD correction 1.10, posting first run and best run on fuels tuned for relative gain comparison.

First up, Chris with his 1990 TT:

Stock turbos, ic's & piping, stock 370 cc/min injectors, Selin dual intake, 3" DP, 3->2.5 test pipes and OG B&B 2.5" catback. Boost Jets for this session, EBC in his future.

Tuned on 94 Petro Canada 10% Ethanol. Greg's comment was the fuel was tuning like 91.

Blue First run, Red Final:

Next up, member InZane's 1993 TT:

Sport 530's, MS Manifolds, 740 cc/min injectors, Selin dual intake, Ash Massives and 2.5" piping, SZ 3" dp, SZ 3 -> 2.5 test pipes, SZ 2.5" catback

Full mod list here: InZane's Profile

Tuned on Petro Can 94, AFD Fury 102 Race Fuel (spec here: spec sheet) and VP 109.

Base run Blue, Red best 94, Green best 102 , Purple best 109 :

Member Jiro's third time up... and tuned flawlessly... finally! 1991 TT:

Not sure how many performance parts were swapped over with the new motor... Jiro can correct my list:

Stock TT motor, Selin dual intake, 740 cc/min injectors Z1 SMIC 5inch intercoolers, not sure of piping, Z1 GT675RS turbos, Labree 3" DP's, Custom 3" test pipes, B&B catback (not sure of size)

Profile here: Jiro's Profile

Tuned on Shell V-Power 91 and 100 octane aviation fuel:

Blue baseline, Red best 91, Green best 100 Av Gas:

Member Red Z32TT 1992 TT up next with the newly installed GTX2860R V.1 turbos:

CP Pistons, Crower rods, GTX 2860R V1 turbos, full 2.5" breather mods, 740 cc/min injectors, Selin Dual Intake, ASH Massive SMIC's, Full 3" exhaust, Inconel Manifolds... glowing under load

Tuned on Petro-Can 94 & VP 109

Blue base, Red best 94, Green best VP 109:

And the winnah, for Z32's and Dynopalo0za overall... member gd300ZX 1991 TT:

GTX 2860R V1 turbos, BDE top feed fuel rail with 1050 cc/min (?) injectors, MS Manifolds, full 2.5" breather mods, ASH Massive SMICs, full 3" exhaust, not sure of the motor build details as he keeps changing motors :D

Tuned on Husky 94 10% Ethanol and E-85:

Blue Base, Red best 94, Green for the Corn!:

That's on the T-shirt for next year, as he was on this year's shirt:

Some notes:

- Our 94 10% Ethanol pump fuel is hit and miss... none of the Petro-Can cars did well on it, Greg said it was knocking at 91 boost levels. gd300ZX tuned fine on Husky 94 though...

- Race fuel power is relative to $$$... the Fury 102 was half the price per L of the VP 109, but the 109 outperformed it completely at all points along the chart.

- Corn is the shit. Price and performance... no contest. Still no retail up here, but drums are available through race shops.

- Those old inconel manifolds still kick out the power, and can keep you warm on cold Canadian winter nights :P

- If you have to run 91, Shell V-Power is the most consistent and tunes well... we've seen this in other years as well.

- Greg & Seb are awesome...


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