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Subject Swapping Ring Gear Advice
Posted by Keaner on December 28, 2018 at 7:12 AM
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Message So, I've got a NA to TT swap that I did a few years ago, and did a bunch of additional "while we are there"s that put me quite a bit north of 500hp. The power is obviously really fun, however 1-3rd gear is pretty worthless as a result. I've got the 4.10 R200 from the original NA. I've been thinking that changing the gear ratio in the differential would be a good way to make the car more drivable.

I realize I can swap in an r230 from a TT, however then I'd have to modify the subframe and deal with HICAS. I saw this chart: [ ]

From that chart, it seems that the 200mm ring gear from a number of r200 diffs could get me the stock TT ratio (or perhaps smaller?). Something like a Q45 or S13/14 seems easier to find in a junkyard than a TT (and much cheaper than Z1 or something).

So I guess my questions are:
1 : is this a foolish plan and I'm overlooking something obvious?
2 : if not, has anyone ever done the 3.54 ratio? Would that be foolish?
3 : does anyone with a TT rear end wish they had a smaller ratio?

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