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Subject Starting gremlin/fuel dumping
Posted by BannonZ on October 31, 2018 at 1:23 PM
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Message Hey guys, I need help. I've had the same problem for three or so years. Every time when the temp dips below 55 degrees or so in the fall, I get a crank crank crank no start.

I've at this point, had my injectors removed and tested, the fuel lines replaced all new filters, damper and regulator, new fuel pump and so on. IAC, connectors for almost everything. Spark is there, and the car starts ok in the warmer weather, sometimes will drop to a low idle before regulating.

I have been using a Nissan Consult 2. The only thing off I can detect is that my right side alpha reading is off the charts, and only regulates at high rpms. To me this means the injectors are dumping fuel to compensate on that side, and causing the injectors to get so fouled/soaked with fuel that I can't start when the car is colder.

My question is: Can this be a possible computer issue? I have an originally Z1 chipped ECU that I re-chipped with a specialty Z tune when I put my new 615 cc nismo injectors in. I just took off the plenum, had all the injectors flow tested and replaced all o-rings and seals. All new connectors are good and well soldered. New gaskets for all and tapped all the bolt holes to make sure they werent stripped.

If not a computer issue, does anyone have any other ideas? Coolant temp sensor and CAS are new as well. I've been chasing this thing like crazy.

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