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Subject Ignition/timing gremlins after rebuild.
Posted by pandamanz32 on March 06, 2018 at 11:07 AM
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Message Just finished a complete engine rebuild on my 94 na and am having a rather strange issue. It will start and run however it sounds rough. I unplugged the coil packs doing a power balance test and there is no change to how it runs with cyl 1, 2, or 6 unplugged. I've replace the ptu, and the ign coil relay which was actually missing originally. I hooked it up to a timing light while it idles and I'm not seeing the mark on the crank pulley when it strobes. I originally thought that the issue was in the wiring as I had to replace majority of my coil pack connectors. But after double checking the wires they are done correct. I pulled the spark plug for cyl 1 and it's black so I assume it's getting plenty of fuel. I've pulled the timing belt covers and double checked on the all my timing points lining up. I also pulled the cas and rotated it by hand and it sounds like all the injectors are firing. Even did the old screw driver to the ear test and it sounds like they are all working. Changed coil packs with known good ones, no change. Verified TDC with the spark plug pulled

Is it possible that my crank alignment is off by a rotation or two? Or maybe the wiring harness is just toast? Any ideas help as I'm running out of ideas to check at this point.

Replaced: ptu, ign coil relay, coil pack connectors.

Tested: coil packs, fuel injectors, cas


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