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Subject Re: You should do a boost leak test.
Posted by maur010 on September 06, 2017 at 10:31 AM
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In Reply To You should do a boost leak test. posted by Placuch on August 31, 2017 at 11:16 AM
Message I ran the Concept Z software on my Z. Here are the results. I'm not a mechanic so if anything looks abnormal please let me know.

Mas Air/Fl 1.5V
Air Flow 17 CFM
Throttle Pos 0.40V
IGN Timing 354 BTDC
Battery 13.76 V

O2 Sen-L 0.32V
Inj Pul 2.41 mSEC
A/F Alpha 109%
A/F Alpha-SEL -9%

O2 Sen-R 0.31V
Inj Pulse 2.27 mSEC
A/F Alpha 100%
A/F Alpha-SL 0%

The vehicle didn't have any ECU codes other than an Engine Temperature Sensor 4 starts ago which I think the connector was just loose and was solved by me securing it down.

I ran the power balance test, when it dropped the first cylinder the car bogged out and stopped. The car has bogged out more than a few times now (not just during a power balance test) and every time I'll go to restart the car afterwards and it will have a strong crank but will not turn over or even sound like it might turn over, almost like it's not getting gas.

However, prior to the plenum pull I did remove all old gas, cleaned the tank and installed a Walboro Fuel pump which I tested and was working well before the pull.

I am going to run a boost leak test on the car next. Any other tests I should be running?

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