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Subject Possible Coolant?
Posted by BlackF1r3 on August 27, 2017 at 2:53 PM
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Hi im new to this forum. Ive owned 2 1990 300zx in my short lifetime. Other than working on the starter the exhaust and changing the oil ive not done much with my most recent Z32. I had an ecu code error #45. So i did some research and found it was a leaky injector. So i had some new style injectors /w adapters sitting around.

Well long story short i fixed it put new injectors new plugs and all. Now it runs better but still not running correctly. I noticed white smoke coming out of the exhaust. So i thought maybe blown head gasket great... Called some Z specialists and they told me its actually quite rare for a NA head gasket to go out. The guy said he worked on these cars for years and years and never had to do a head gasket on an NA. So now im here second guessing myself looking for some outside help. Ive pulled the oil cap to check for milky oil/coolant and none was found. Ive pulled the dipstick and also none was found. I pulled the rad cap to check for air or bubbles nothing there. The only thing is this white smoke and this residue left over. The smoke smells like straight gasoline not sweet like i was told the coolant should smell like when burning but when i see the milky substance at the end of my exhaust i think nothing but head gasket. Can someone help me and guide me in the correct direction? ive googled this quite a bit and cant seem to pinpoint my issue. Help would be appreciated since the car is older than me and ive heard nothing but complex things about the VG30DE.

Thank You! :)

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