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Subject Help with running rich and backfiring.
Posted by Vert93 (MN) on August 01, 2017 at 10:54 AM
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Message I have a 93 vert with 92 JDM TT swap. It is running rich and backfiring. The car has 850 PE injectors, JWT 700 turbos, etc. All of that has about 30k miles, and the engine has about 15k since a full rebuild. Here's my symptoms: It's blowing some white smoke and backfiring out the drivers side exhaust. Presumably because it is running way rich on that side. As I unplug coils one by one on that side, it makes little to no difference with how it idles. Yet the coils are all working, plugs look normal and are not fouled. Compression is normal. And the car doesn't seem like it's more than a little bit low on power. With the plugs out and turning the engine over, it is pushing an abnormally large amount of fuel out of the drivers side cylinders, especially the rear cylinder. It's been running this way for a while, so I haven't hardly driven the car. It got 11.2 mpg this tank. That number is usually 18ish. All symptoms are pointing to a fuel issue on that side. Can this be anything other than an injector that's stuck open, or a torn injector o-ring? I was just looking for any other possibilities before I pull the intake and remove the injectors. Assuming it's an injector issue, where can I send PE injectors to get them tested?


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