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Subject Downpipe & Test pipe = White smoke & Loud Pop
Posted by shalz92 on July 26, 2017 at 1:11 AM
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Message Let me explain my situation. I bought my 300ZX TT 1994 with only 80K miles on it about 2 weeks ago. Ive done maintenance on it and has been running like a dream (This is with the stock downpipes, stock cats and mufflers on). However, I bought SZ down pipes and a test pipe but i left the mufflers on. After installing the new pipes and instantly after turning my car on it started to spew out white smoke and lot more once i pushed on the accelerator....and sometimes when i rev it a bit hard it will backfire and make a loud pop sound, my car would never do this before when i has the stock down pipes and stock cats installed. This happened as soon as i installed the SZ down pipe and new test pipe. Also, the smoke is white like steam...and it does not smell like burning oil or coolant.


5" High Flow Air Filter (Cone Style)
Speacilty Z Down Pipes
AMS Test Pipe 3" to 2.5"
Stillen Quad Tip Mufflers

My mechanic was saying it could be that the car is running lean because it as so much more air to fuel ratio than it did before and since i have a big air filter on the car.

I made a video so it could probably be easier to identify the issue.

First Video: The car is in cold start and just idling.

Second Video: The car is in its normal temperature area with idle and then was also accelerated to show smoke.

There are no codes showing up on the Nistune program.
I checked the turbo hoses and throttle body hoses. The Tubro hoses that go to the intercooler had some oil on the side walls of the inner tube but just enough for you to smudge on your finger. The throttle body hoses were completely dry.

I also checked the the oil cap to see for any milky residue but there was none. The coolant in the radiator and reservoir was normal and also let the car cool down with the radiator cap open and checked to see if the radiator hose hardens when car is on but that to was normal. Im just hopping its a tune issue. Here is the fuel map for my car from nistune.

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If you can help me out i would really appreciate it...any advice or opinion would be grateful. Its a 1994 Automatic 300ZX TT.

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