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Subject My ZX Won't Turn On With Key
Posted by Adam393 on July 20, 2017 at 1:16 PM
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Message Hey everyone,

I've been searching and searching through different posts and forums, but I cannot find the definitive answer to my issue.

My car used to start right up with no issues, but then one day the car took a second or two to register that I had the key in the 'Start' position, but would then fire up like normal. About a week or two of the car doing that, it just stopped starting all together with the key.

The car starts with no issue when I use a wire placed in the connector on the passenger fender from starter, to the positive terminal on the battery (the connections on the battery are tight and have no corrosion or rust. This car is almost perfect). When I use a key, the dash lights up, the fuel pump primes, and I can hear the inner fender relay clicking, but the 'Start' position does nothing. Interior lights, dash, radio, fan, etc. all light up and work fine.

Here is what I have done to troubleshoot so far:

-Replaced blue relay on driver side inner fender well
-Replaced the fuse in the driver side fuse box for the ignition or starter (I forget which it's for)
-Replaced the ignition switch wiring behind the ignition tumbler
-Checked green stoppers for the clutch switch
-Disconnected and jumped the wire for the clutch switch
-Checked the PTU (mine is relocated and series 2)

Now I'm just lost what to continue looking into...

Possible ideas:

-My car has an AshSpec radiator and SPAL fan, and the SPAL fan is wired to the ASCD cancel relay per the old AshSpec instructions. I plan to wire it to it's own relay soon, but I noticed the other day that the ASCD relay is melted, even though the fan still functions. What I haven't been able to find is if the ASCD relay would affect the starter in any way? I of course do plan to replace the relay and rewire the fan to its own relay, but am wondering if that would affect anything outside of cruise control...

-Check for a loose connection on the starter. A basic check, but one I have put off since my car is too low to the ground to get a jack under.. Would a loose or weak connection on the starter not allow the key/ignition to work, but still allow for the starter to fire when I place a wire into the starter connector, and then touch it to the battery?

-I have been provided some electrical diagrams from some people on FB, but I have been unable to find specific troubleshooting for the ignition system. Could anyone on here point me in the right direction?

-And lastly, does anyone have any other ideas/things that I haven't checked so far?

Thanks for any help or suggestions

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