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Subject Do a 12v test directly from the batt+ to the starter >>
Posted by ZUL8TR on March 07, 2017 at 3:57 PM
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In Reply To Need help. Ignition/Starting issue posted by Dokkj on March 07, 2017 at 06:13 AM
Message side of the Bendix unit (disconnect the connector at the starter for this test and clip a wire to it and run it to the batt + area. You need 12 -10 gage wire for this test. You only have to touch the batt + post for a second or so with key in the on position and emergency brake on and in neutral. This start test bypass eliminates all safety and security systems in the car and directly tests the starter. If no action the starter is at fault.

If it starts then you need to look into the safety and security systems.

But before even the starter test take a look under the dash at the clutch pedal (I assume this is a 5 speed) and see if the green plastic button is missing where the clutch pedal touches when depressed to allow voltage to get to the starter. This is a safety feature for clutch to the floor before it will start. If button missing get one at Nissan and oil it up and squeeze it in (not an easy job not much room, those buttons are buggers to install). If button there then do the starter test I note above.

If no 5 speed I do not know what the safety start is for auto, maybe there is none since the car starts only in park, if so there might be a safety switch for the park position?
Need to investigate under the dash. Maybe someone with an auto has had this issue.

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