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Subject Battery tenders, for the win
Posted by robo (sebring1970) on October 19, 2021 at 2:55 PM
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Message I'm spending more time out of the country that in these days and I had all three of my vehicle's hooked up to battery tenders this time and many times over my lifetime and they always work out great for me. I know there is an esteemed Z Guru here who doesn't believe in batteey tenders but when I can jump in my vehicle and start it right up after it's been sitting for months or longer it's a great feeling. Unless of course you enjoy unnecessarily removing and reinstalling your battery. The cherry on top is I use the cheapest battery tenders made from Harbor Freight. I tried to post photos but my computer died while I was in South Ameeica and I'm doing this post from my pre Galaxy Samsung with lousy voice to text so bear with me.

Another example, my 80 plus year old mother used to come home to her dead SUV battery after her annual summer migrations to Maine . She ain't never going to pull or even disconnect and reconnect a battery but she can handle hooking up a little Harbor Freight battery tender I sent her and now she comes home to a vehicle ready to Roar.

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