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Subject Z's in for paint, questions about respray for you all.
Posted by J-Mart on September 22, 2021 at 8:42 PM
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Message My 94TT DJ2 Black Emerald headed into the painter's this past weekend. I had a few questions for any of you with experience on having your Z's repainted.

1. Door Handles - Is there a remedy to the door handle wear that rubs the door cup when lifting the handle up to open? I tried FAQ and didn't see anything, and Search returned a post about shaving down the top edge of door handle. My Z has ~65k miles and its already worn the PS and DS, I know it'll only get worse with new paint & clear.

2. Hood WW Nozzles - Those of you that have shaved the windshield washer nozzles did you have them welded or use an epoxy filler? I know the hood is aluminum and would require appropriate cleaning and a skilled welder, but thankfully I employ a dozen great welders. That being said, its not too thick and could definitely warp without good heat management so I was just curious what has been successful for others.

3. Rear Washer Nozzle - Is there a good plug or method to delete the nozzle from the rear hatch glass? I will be shaving the wiper and antennae.

4. Mirror Triangles & Windshield Cowl - I am going to be doing gloss black on the roof, fog light ducts, bumper bar between fogs & side markers (JDM front), TwinZ lip/splitter diffuser. I originally thought I would do the TwinZ items in a color matching that of the mirror triangles as well as semi-gloss/matte, but my painter suggested going gloss black so that the rear bumper wouldn't have a tape line between the two different clears and would leave a better overall finish. Thoughts on this? I would also be inclined to do the mirror triangles and the windshield cowl in glass black as well then to minimize multiple colors/finishes on the body.

5. Window Seals and Trim - I bought almost all of the trim and rear quarter windows new form Nissan back in ~2006 when I bought my first TT project. I have to see what I am missing, as I don't' have records of it handy from that long ago. In the event I need to get new trim or seals, what is the best source? I would guess most of it is NLA from Nissan and I will be looking at aftermarket reproductions?

6. Any other tips, oh shits, $0.02 or otherwise for someone dropping $7-8k on a respray so I have minimal regrets? I've seen other Z32 and S30 work by the painter (as well as other vehicles) so I am confident in his painting and bodywork abilities, but any advice or experience from others can't hurt!

Thanks in advance!

1994 Twin Turbo

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