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Subject Short answer: Yes. Long answer below...
Posted by Z Force1 on September 21, 2021 at 9:52 AM
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In Reply To is the dampener necessary? posted by JerseyTex on September 21, 2021 at 09:12 AM
Message I Cant speak of how your car would run if you just removed the fuel pump and changed nothing else, but if you modify the whole fuel system it will run fine without a dampener. I have running my car for a long time without a fuel dampener without noticing any bad effects.

What i did with my fuel system: I swapped out to a Tomei type L adjustable fuel pressure regulator, added in a DW300 Fuel pump, i then deleted the fuel dampener and the FPCU, after reading an article by Nick Letsom (from CZP) where he did the same. The Fuel pressure regulator has a large diaphragm which removes the need for a dampener & the DW fuel pump has a different design to the OEM pump which has a few added benefits aswell..

Now i don't have to worry about having a lean condition under boost due to a failing FPCU, leaving me to confidently run it on 14V without burning out the pump and leaving me stranded or having a fuel dampener going bad because i don't have one.

Not to mention its silent 100% of the time, i never hear my fuel pump even with the engine off and the pump running full speed.. with the OEM pump at 14v it would make an annoying noise constantly and the pump probably wouldn't last very long

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