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Subject VR38 coils in the factory location. Market research.
Posted by Zeus on September 02, 2021 at 3:16 PM
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Message Hey folks,

This is a follow-up to my previous posts on the topic: Part One, Part Deux

Progress is being made on a mounting solution for the VR38 coilpacks in the factory location leveraging the VG plenum's mounting tabs.
It's still a prototype and can't share that just yet, but this new approach would negate the need for the PRP stalks and so we'd be able to use the factory VR38 stalks as well (w00t!).

Here's where I'd like to gauge people's perspectives. In order to consider developing a mounting kit like this, the coilpack's mounting tab would need to be removed (read: cut off).
This is just a piece of plastic and interferes with how our plenums are shaped in order to drop in cleanly or be easily removed for simple maintenance.
It's standard to have to cut these on some other platforms too (ex: SR20's do the same thing on one coil in order to clear their valve covers).
The mounting tabs are made of plastic and I cut mine using an oscillating multi-tool. That made very quick work of them.
It would, naturally, void the warranty on the coils but these are also not known for failing anyways. There's a reason guys making +1000hp use them.

So, that said, my question is if a mounting bracket kit were to be made available for sale, how do people feel about having to cut the coil themselves in order to have a drop-in solution?
If you're the type that would be interested in moving up to VR38 coils but still want the ease of maintenance of the factory coils, would such a step be a showstopper for you or not?



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