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Subject Re: I view a $14K quote for the labor to rebuild a VG
Posted by DanielThomas on April 03, 2021 at 1:53 PM
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In Reply To I view a $14K quote for the labor to rebuild a VG posted by LitlElvis on April 03, 2021 at 01:32 PM
Message Well he drilled the sludge traps on my crank shaft and re-inserted grub screws. The very strange thing is bearings 1, 6 and all 4 main bearings were absolutely good as new.

2-3-4-5 had all disintegrated. There was metal embedded in the bearings and metal had blocked the holes completely in the what was left of the bearings, leaving metal just in there ripping it all to shreds.

I was using Joe gibbs driven BR running in oil, it isn't thick stuff.

I wasn't too happy when he had quoted £1000 and I arrived to a bill of £1995.60, he turned around when I went back in to see him a few days ago and shouted at me saying I obviously have money to burn, if i want it done properly iv'e got to spend it and use top quality parts. But everything was brand new, forged etc etc so i dont really know what he was getting at - he must think i'm an idiot.

I'm a qualified marine engineer myself and would have just done it all myself if he quoted for £1995, but for an extra £500 on top of the balancing, for £500 to build it and save me some time i was happy to pay it. Either way I could have taken the hit and forgot about it if it didn't die on me so quickly.

I did the rest of the assembly in my house.

I did not identify the result of my head gasket failure but I was using a 2.2MM cometic head gasket and removed it to see it had obviously completely blown as you could see marks on the block surface, but swapping from a cometic to tomei cured the problem. I got about 300 miles on new bearings until my turbos blew so i stripped it down again.

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