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Subject Re: Coil Springs
Posted by Gordo LSZ Daytona on March 16, 2020 at 7:02 PM
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In Reply To Coil Springs posted by RoidRage76 on March 16, 2020 at 02:56 PM
Message I've collected some spring and shock data over the years. This is a basic summary. Most of the data is verified by at least one source like mfr data sheet.

I'm currently running Tein H and KYB Adjustable on the softest settings. Not too bad a ride... no bounce; but in order to gain the drop I want, the spring rates have to be higher than I'd prefer. There's no way to get around that unless you prefer to bottom out over speed bumps.

TT Front: 168 lbs/in or 3.0 Kg/mm
TT Rear: 134 lbs/in or 2.4 Kg/mm

NA Front: 168 lbs/in or 3.0 Kg/mm
NA Rear: 123 lbs/in or 2.2 Kg/mm
Source: Factory Service Manuals ('91 and '93)

Eibach Spring Rates (Progressive Rates)
TT Front: 182 lbs/in up to 251 lbs/in
TT Rear: 142 lbs/in up to 199 lbs/in

Tien H tech P/N-SKP46-BUB00
Approx. Lowering 0.8” Front and 0.2” rear
Front Spring Rate - 3.3 kg/mm / 185 lbs/in
Rear Spring Rate - 3.2 kg/mm / 179 lbs/in

Approx. Lowering: 01.4"F / 082"R
Front Spring Rate - 3.5 kg/mm / 196 lbs/in
Rear Spring Rate - 3.4 kg/mm / 191 lbs/in


KYB Z32 Excel-G Shock Set (GR-2) $250 Cheapest twin tube, non-adjustable

Tokico HP Shocks (Set of 4) $350 non-adjustable

KYB AGX Adjustable Shocks (set of 4) $410
Adjustable compression and rebound
4-way front, 8 rear… adj knob on side so adjustment w/o remove interior panels.

Tokico Illumina Shocks (Set of 4) $630 adjustable
5-way adjustment settings changes both rebound and compression damping
(remove rear panel)

Koni Yellow Sport Adjustable Shock (Set of 4) $600 est
Adjustable rebound only…top knob, 360’ variable - no detents.
(panel removal reqrd)
For cars lowered less than 35mm, or 1.378"

Hybrid Coilover

Ground Control
Front: 350 lbs/in (6.2 kg)
Rear: 250 lbs/in (4.2 Kg/mm)
Lowering about 2” front and rear
4.32F inches of shock travel
4.51R inches of travel.
Springs, sleeves, top hat, etc. $520 shipped
Buy/use your own shocks – Koni’s would be another $600

Tanabe Sus Tec GF210 Lowering Springs $200 used Mike Nova
Down Data: 1.5 in / 1.1 in
Spring rates: Front: 3.4kg (191 lbs/in) /
Spring Rate: Rear: 3.8kg (213 lbs/in)

Manzo (eBay Chinese for comparison only ??
Approximate Drop: 2" Front & 1.75"-2" Rear
Spring Rate: 300lbs Front & 250lbs Rear

Z32 Tokico Illumina Shocks (all four $628 from z1)
Front $200
Rear discontinued… adj from top so interior needs to be removed.


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