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Subject UGH! Fine, I took the time to upload the photo's here!
Posted by Scott ZShack Taylor on December 08, 2019 at 12:00 AM
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In Reply To AUS injectors are modified USED JECS injectors. (n/m) posted by Bernie (NoVA) on December 07, 2019 at 02:22 PM
Message Again I will say that these are NOT RE-DRILLS!

AUS buys cores from JECS. They are not used new style injectors from the 1990's that are being rebuilt. There is a very distinct difference in how they look and how they work. Here is a picture of an original 270cc Nissan/JECS injector (left) next to the new style AUS injector (Right) from the late 90's.

JECS had a redesign on their injectors to change where the fuel enters the injectors. You can see that difference in this picture of an AUS injector with the filter removed.

AUS then does one of two things to resize them. The first is to remove the tips, laser cut the tip off and laser weld their own tips on, the same way that a Nismo/Tomei injector is done. This allows for an optimal spray pattern. This is not the same as grabbing a drill and hogging out the holes.
This is done for their injector sizes up to 750cc. Some 850cc sizes are the 4 port style and some are a single port "Ball in seat" type injector. AUS recently changed the style on this size injector.
All AUS 1000cc and 1200cc injectors are single port "Ball in seat" style injectors. This style injector is what Bosch uses on the Injector Dynamics ID1300cc and ID1700cc injectors. I personally prefer this style of injector.
Here they are side by side. This is the AUS 750cc on the left and the AUS 850cc single on the right.

Here is an upclose shot of the 4 port style injector. This is the AUS 750cc injector. You can see the laser welding just like you see on the Nismo's. I do not have a Nismo 740cc here that is readily available to take a pic of for this reply. You can see the same weld style in comparison pictures of the AUS 850cc vs Nismo 740's on CZP's website if you like.

These pics were hard to take upclose as the lighting kept reflecting and causing blurring. These are taken a an angle to get the shot. This angle makes the holes appear to be uneven. In person they are perfectly symmetrical!

The second method AUS uses is to remove the entire tip from the injector, install a new higher flowing pin setup, and a new single port "Ball in seat" style tip. They then crimp the injector back down onto the tip. This is evident in the following pics of a single port AUS 850cc injector.

I think this makes it painfully obvious that these are in NO WAY re-drilled! These injectors have no marks on them from being previously used/installed etc. They are also not high mileage used OEM injectors from the 90's that are just cleaned up, modified or "drilled" and re-sold. lol
This attempt to portray AUS in a negative light is a blatant disservice to the community and is EXACTLY what I was reffering to in my previous comments of people trying to hold this community back! The sad part is, this is being done solely to drive people to purchase their own products! Sad
This entire thread only serves to show just how far behind the times that this antiquated forum really is! If you were to take a poll on the facebook pages about AUS injectors, you will find 100's of people that are using them and are happy with them! If you look on our company facebook page, you will see many videos of our customers Z's making big power running AUS injectors of various sizes! The proof is in the fact that with all these people running AUS injectors, there is an overwhelming lack of posts by angry customers, trashing these injectors! People love to post about their anger with people and products online. Just look at Ash! lol

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