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Subject I absolutely do. those that know me, know I ALWAYS do...
Posted by Scott ZShack Taylor on December 06, 2019 at 11:09 AM
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In Reply To Evidence? posted by spicyZ on December 06, 2019 at 08:37 AM
Message The issue here is that the burden is not on us to prove they are good, it is on the one or two guys that continue to claim they are bad! It's funny how people on this page have zero issues with believing anything that certain people say on here, but want me to prove that a product is good? I put my money where my mouth is a long time ago when I opened up and actual shop that ONLY works on the Z32! I stake my reputation on the parts I use because they work. I can't take chances with using shit parts and expect to make it in such a difficult market! Every manufacturer will have issues, but it is how the company takes care of the issues that is important. I would suggest you check up on them on facebook.(Where all the latest information is actually being discussed) This subject has been covered extensively on there. In many of the groups.
We have sold 100's of sets of these to Z32 owners and have only ever had 3 injectors that had issues. All where replaced immediately! I can't say that for Nismo's. Getting them to warranty an injector is like pulling teeth. Haha
And don't even get me started on JECS re-drills or Deathworks. lol

If this was one of my facebook pages, I would absolutely share anything you like. This forum kinda sucks to post pictures and such to though. To be honest with you, I have 26 z32's at my shop right now. All here for major builds in excess of 750hp. I just do not care to figure out how to host pictures and then link them to this site. You are more than welcome to message me on facebook or jump into one of my many pages like 300zx z32Tech help or 300zx z32 workshop on FB and ask. Or you can Email our shop and visit our website. Email:
Here is a video you can check out that was made about myself and my shop if you are interested to see what we do here.

I am not just "Parachuting in here" and dropping my opinions. I step in when others start spreading false information without proof! It's starting to get pretty old! These people need to either post their evidence of failure for a product, or shut up. This is more about driving people to buy from them, than it is about a product being good or bad. That is the real truth here.
I can share upclose photos of the tips, both the OEM 4 hole style and the single "ball in seat" setups for you. I have flow charts from injector RX here in Houston for both Nismos and AUS. They are an independant tester with a good reputation.
I am pretty well known for writing long posts with very detailed explanations including photo proof of everything I say or claim. I am not interested in the drama or being the poplular guy. lol
I am 100% all about this car and promoting it in an environment where people have given it a bad reputation. I have been working on and building these cars for 25 years now. I build some of the highest powered VG/Z32's in the US. I have a bit of a reputation for being a mythbuster of sorts. I am the go to guy for information by a majority of this community. I was the guy that pushed an OEM TT fuel pump to it's limits on E85 to see what it could actually flow on a dyno. I was one of the first guys to convert a Z32 to E85 when the "experts" on this forum said you 100% could not use it! lol You can call and ask Jonathan at Specialty Z or even Spencer at Z1. They now my work pretty well.
Just thought I would share a little about myself in here incase yourself or others may not know much about who I am and what I do.
I am in NO way new, I just prefer the FaceBook format better than this one. I am too busy to contiunue to check in on here. I like how FB gives me notifications. It just makes things more efficient to deal with. I literally get between 50 and 100 messages each day from Z32 owners looking for help with their ladies. The task of helping everyone starts to become a bit daunting while trying to take care of our customers, build the Vg's and do all the tuning here.

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