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Subject Sorry Jeff, certain topics open up a can or worms.
Posted by Scott ZShack Taylor on December 05, 2019 at 5:24 PM
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In Reply To Re: AUS injectors? posted by MyBlueZ on December 05, 2019 at 04:05 PM
Message This happens to be one of them. I actually wrote a pretty long reply, but decided not to post it. When I reply on this forum, Certain people like to attack what I have to say for whatever reason. I have had people on here attack my grammar, spelling and style of writing! Mostly people from Northern Virginia! (NoVa) For whatever their reasons are, I do not know. For this reason I tend to avoid this forum in preference of FaceBook!
There are many "Purists" on this page that are causing it to become less and less relevant as time goes on. Which is sad. There are only certain brands and vendors to which you should be purchasing Z parts from and if you stray away, they attack! It's sad really. :-(

To help you out a little more with information, I will go ahead and post what I wrote earlier. Good luck

Only those that have never bothered to try them or have an agenda to sell their own products will attack AUS.

We have sold a ton of these injectors with far less failure rates than Nismo 740's! And to my knowledge, we sell more AUS injectors for the Z32 than any other vendor! Also AUS has a far better warranty program than any other injector company we have ever dealt with. They will literally replace a whole set with little questions asked! They are a USA based family ran company and you can call and speak to the owner of the place any time you like.

Why did we switch to AUS from Nismo?

A couple years ago, Nismo had a massive price increase. So much so that nobody would spend the money for AUTHENTIC Nismo injectors from Nismo. This community needed another option!

I had a very in depth conversation with the owner at AUS and decided to try their 850cc injectors in my personal vert. My business partner Rick, tried their 1200cc at the same time as well. We ran them for almost a year before ever offering them to a customer. We have always tried to only recommend a product that we have run on Rick's and my own personal cars. This adds credibility to what we suggest to others! Unlike some others in this community, we prefer to sell products we can stand behind, and not just sell anything to make a buck.
We are NOT in the parts game at ZShack. We are a labor based business that decided to start selling authentic parts at the lowest possible price ONLY so our customers can rest assured they are purchasing a legit product and not some fake Chinese crap! There are many people in this community that believe certain vendors are selling knock off parts as the real deal. A simple search on this page will reveal We have never pushed our products on anyone. Our customers do that for us.

For those that want to know the actual facts on AUS, continue to read.

AUS does not re-drill their injectors. They laser cut the tips off and laser weld new tips on. They use tips that are manufactured to flow a given volume just the same as Nismo. This is vastly different than re-drilling the existing holes! For their 850cc injectors and up, the tips are completely different. They have a single hole, “Ball to seat" style conical spray tip just like an injector dynamics (Bosch) injector has.

Also, unlike cheap Injectors sold on places like EBay, AUS actually flow tests and matches their sets of injectors. We have consistently done independent flow test research on many sets of AUS injectors and Nismo injectors, both new and used for over a year. We have had better flow results from AUS than we have with Nismo 740cc injectors. We have flow tested both new and used from various fuels and run times!

These are facts and not opinions.

The owner of AUS knows good and well that if his product goes to shit, I will be the first person out there to trash his product! Everyone should know by now that I am not scared to take on anyone in this community when it comes to exposing the truth about products that are fraudulent, or not as advertised!

Anyone who calls AUS injectors a "re-drill" is simply ill informed or biased for personal profit reasons and has simply thrown AUS in the same category as lesser quality re-drilled injectors! It is this sort of thing that holds this community back from moving forward and making power. Certain people have formed an opinion many years ago, that X product is the only thing we should run. They think they know it all and that their way is the only way. They seem to fear change! lol

The simple truth is that times change, products change and people change! What may have been a great product years ago, are often not so great today. This is especially true with many manufacturers taking their production to China. Profit margins drive change these days, not quality.

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