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Posted by Rossm952 on November 24, 2019 at 12:22 AM
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Message Hello everyone. This is my first post, but I have been lurking around this great site for several months and it has been an incredible resource! So much information that has helped me as I'm sure it has helped all of you. Here's my story: My first car ever was a 1987 Z31 which I purchased at 15 years old. It was a Light-blue metallic NA automatic that was well past its prime, but I loved it and it is the car I learned how to wrench on so I will always remember it fondly. That being said, I wanted a Z32 so damn bad in high school... Anyways fast-forward 18 years and I finally have a good job and a reliable daily driver with enough room in my garage and enough time to take on a project so this Spring I picked up a 1990 NA manual with 118k miles. Wish it was a TT obviously, but I am content with the NA and I appreciate it for what it is. These things are rare to find in decent shape in MN so I settled in a way, but I also didn’t have like 15k to throw at one. It wasn't in terrible condition when I bought it, but it was definitely rough. Terrible worn and dirty carpet, obnoxiously loud since the exhaust was straight-piped from the H pipe back, slammed to about an inch off the ground, messed up front bumper (I wonder why...) that was being held together with wire and zip-ties, clutch was slipping, Crown Royal shift boot that literally made me cringe, etc. Wish I had some more "before" pics to share, but I didn't do a great job of taking those. Anyways my plan for it initially is to get it looking clean and running great. Not sure what all I will be doing after I accomplish that, but here is what I have been able to get done in my first 6 months of ownership.
First thing I wanted to address after removing the window decals ? was the brakes because they were not performing like they should and they looked like they had been neglected for a while.

After I rebuilt the calipers, painted them, installed drilled and slotted rotors, and new pads:

Spanner wrenches came for the coil overs and I could finally raise it up a bit. Took off the stockers and got some wagon wheels. I think they look good on this car, but I know that some people detest them.

Then I needed to take care of that clutch. Once it got hot it slipped so bad I almost didn’t get it home on more than 1 occasion. Z1 Performance clutch kit and short shifter from CZP.

Dropped the transmission all by myself. Very proud of that since it was the most in-depth I have ever gone on a car. Not fun though.

Upon reinstall the driveshaft center support bearing crumbled into dust so I picked up a 1-piece steel driveshaft from CZP. Also had to get rid of that exhaust. Went with the Megan Type 2 and am very satisfied with it.

Oh yeah, I got new carpet too so I had to rip out the old stuff along with half of my car first. Will post pics of the interior as I take care of the seats and panels over the winter. Of course I replaced the shift and e-brake boots and knobs too.

While I was doing the carpet I found tons of crappy wiring that no longer served a purpose so I disposed of it.

Most recently I had a guy that was recommended to me do some body work. The biggest issue was my driver’s side rocker which had rusted out in one area. Probably about a 5” x 2” hole. He welded in a patch panel and even matched the rock-guard texture quite nicely. Sorry I don’t have a before pic, but here’s how it came out. Bought some Powertrix side skirts because I didn’t know how well he was going to be able to match it. He called me and told me he didn’t want to use them so those are available for sale ?.

He also pulled a small dent out of the passenger door and hit some small surface rust under the weather-stripping. Also on one of my T-tops. But most importantly I had him spray my replacement front bumper cover. Here is what it looked like before. License plate was covering yellow zip ties and some sort of fiberglass patch…

Getting the new bumper installed.

Took it out for probably its last drive of the season today and got it washed. AND TOTALLY FORGOT TO TURN OFF THE RADIO so I will be replacing the antenna for a second time.

Thanks for reading about my project so far. I know it is way less of a build than a lot of you guys have done. I have really admired your cars and the attention to detail you have put into them.

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