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Subject In my old car, I started substituting poly and spherical for
Posted by Gordo NA2LS Daytona on May 07, 2019 at 9:00 AM
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In Reply To Ride height and wheel gaps look very nice imo. posted by Boosted1 on May 07, 2019 at 06:20 AM
Message OEM rubber partly because I wanted the car lowered, but partly because everyone else was doing it and I thought it would enhance the driving experience

However, after a year or two, when I got as far as T-rods, FUCA and rear Speciality Z subframe spacers; I came to the same conclusion as you are having now. At that point, I turned around and went back to more ride friendly components and made every effort to calm down and quiet the interior cabin.

So on this new car, I went out of my way to keep as much of the OEM rubber as possible, going so far as to actually replace the worn sub frame bushings with some good used OEM pieces that Bernie had out of a 40K mile car. That plus re-bushing all the control arms with Nissan or Nismo rubber.

It makes a huge difference to have something in place to absorb the impact shocks and road vibrations before they have the opportunity to enter the chassis, steering wheel, seats and/or cabin. I simply don't like the overall sensation of harshness when those factors can be engineered out of the equation.

As for springs, getting the car any lower, and I'd be forced to use coilovers because useable spring travel would be cut from approx. 5.5" down to 3.5" or so, and the weigh of the car mandates spring rates at 5 kg and higher. The softest coilover I could find, had 7kg front and 5kg in the rear. Any less, and bottoming out would become an issue. Crashing around on coilovers over potholed streets is not my idea of what a sportscar / GT cruiser is all about. So it seems I was left with lowering springs and adjustable shocks to achieve the compromise between looks and civility.


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