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Subject Ride Height w/ AGX Adjustables and Tien S springs
Posted by Gordo NA2LS Daytona on May 06, 2019 at 9:32 PM
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Message Finally got the TienS springs back from powder coating and installed. They were originally Tien Green, but I changed the color to semi-gloss black. So now the Christmas wrap red and green is history; and the wheel wells have more of an OEM appearance, which was the look I want to maintain throughout the build.


The rear shocks.

I softened up the rear shock settings from the AGX default. I kept the fronts at their out of box default of #2/4; but I softened the rears down a notch from #4 to #3/8. Both front and rear shocks are satisfactorily compliant on the compression stroke, and after the initial rebound there's almost zero bounce.

Below is the ride height with Tien H springs. The car sits higher in the front because the all aluminum LS engine with accessories is about 150-175 pounds lighter than the NA cast iron block.

At first glance, the respective ride heights between the two pics don't appear to be that much different. But on a flat level surface, measuring from the wheel arch to the floor, the tape showed it dropped a little more than an inch when switching from H to the S springs. This amount is in line with the Tien specs for the two.

I couldn't find any pics with the LS motor installed, but still on its original NA springs. However, I distinctly remember thinking the gap made it look like a rally car.

I am pretty close to my esthetic visual of having an equal gap between and the wheel arch around their shared circumference.

Overall this setup is noticeably stiffer than my other cars w/ adaptive suspensions, but given that I want it lowered as much as it is, I think its an acceptable compromise between stance and comfort. I don't see it being a problem for most road surfaces; especially in Florida.

In summary, the ride height is still slightly higher than I was shooting for; however, given that all the rubber components are new, and most have less than ten miles on them; I'm confident the car will settle a little bit lower as I add more miles.

Plus as I've noted before at 3225 lbs, loaded with a full tank of gas, the chassis is significantly lighter than a regular optioned Twin Turbo and using springs designed for the heavier car will not lower the lighter car as much as the heavier one.


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