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Subject Re: The problems I've seen with EPR builds are:
Posted by Tech@EPR on April 12, 2019 at 8:46 AM
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In Reply To The problems I've seen with EPR builds are: posted by LitlElvis on April 10, 2019 at 08:58 PM
Message It's unfortunate you don't understand the oiling system well enough to understand why the modifications are done. The end result is what is acquired. Your comment about my intake porting, while yes that head you posted was done you fail to really grasp the theory on why. Was it a good cylinder head? Yes it actually made really good power but in my mistake I did get the injector entry a little bigger than I anticipated however you want to point finger at the gasket line. You seem to then not understand that when machining heads for adaptation a gasket sometimes needs to follow suit. Nothing new there.

In the aspect we could point fingers at you too but I'm not here to start throwing shit around. We have our ways of doing things as do others. That doesn't mean you go on a public forum to begin discrediting other businesses because of your personal viewpoint. You think I don't see/hear/read what ppl say.

Its a real shame you all want to jump on someone's back and riducule when you've never dealt with me. Mr Stacy would you mind emailing me pictures of this hone finish you made mention of? I use a ck10 sunnen hone and our finish is always double checked and honed accordingly. I'm curious to what you're seeing that makes you state what you've said.

Not a single person who's spoken against my business has had one of our engines or work/parts from us yet are quick to throw shade. You give no thought into actually researching our work. Have we made mistakes...sure we all do. No one goes on with a perfect record. We work hard to keep ahead. If ppl want to suggest ipp or any other business for work that's fine but you all immediately discredit others for what gain? What purpose? We do have a good track record with our engines and just because ppl aren't out there yelling at the top of the mountain that theyre running our engine doesn't mean it's bad or doesn't work. It's unfortunate this community is so slanted and hates so hard on companies that do a lot of work and offer a lot. Not just saying us but there are many others.

If you want to shop at EPR, IPP, SZ, Zshack, Houston Z, Zhookup ...... whomever it should be without all the slander. I'm not here to tell anyone where to shop, but you all need to really stop the slander and personal viewpoints on things. If ppl have an issue then reach out to them and obtain info. Ppl posting xyz is so biased and it's obvious. We run a full race engine machine shop and it's hard work. My business partner is a well known individual in the race community and is a 25yr Rherer Morrison veteran. We aren't doing things off the hip out here. We do design and develop despite what some here think. Just because we aren't using computers to draw and simulate, we rather design and build. We just have a different approach We do push the envelope and we do new/different things. In order to move ahead that's what is required. Hopefully one day this community will wake up and figure out that while compared to nearly every other platform we are slow. We are held back by more in the community than ever and if the community doesn't start getting onboard with implemented ideas and services that are offered in the other platforms you'll continue to remain in the same place.

Now in terms of an engine build there are many to choose. Choose who you are comfortable with and so forth. If anyone is interested in having us do some work then great, give us a call...if not no sweat we hope you get taken care of either way.

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