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Subject Time to Drop this Stagecoach - Ground Control?
Posted by Gordo NA2LS Daytona on February 01, 2019 at 5:34 PM
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Message After the LS swap, I'm considerably lighter, and the car is now a couple of inches higher. We corner weighed it and total weight is 3175 with 54% over the front axle. My dilemma is that most off the shelf lowering springs are designed for the heavier Twin Turbo, and this chassis weighs in about three hundred plus pounds lighter than a TT, [3178 vs 3500].

You can see in the pics, how it sits with Tein Spec H 'lowering' springs. I even reinstalled the orignal 200K mile NA springs; but in spite of worn and sagging coils, the car still sits two inchs higher pre-swap. I know it takes time for the bushings and new rubber parts to settle in... but I know they're not going to drop the two inches I want from where it sits now.

Consequently, my quest begins to find a suspension solution to lower front and rear 1.5", yet remain comfortably streetable. Most coilovers make a pretty big trade off in comfort that I'm not willing to accept. So I'm thinking about keeping a conventional shock / spring arrangement, but lowering the car with a Ground Control kit.

I contacted them today with the requisite specifications; so we'll see what they come up with. Meanwhile, here's some pics of the car on the ground and running.

The rear 3/4 view is one of my favorite perspectives.

Still need to straighten out those tips. The sound, however, needs no tweaking at all... It's got a nice throaty American V8 rumble.

Look at that gap. That's an easy four fingers and maybe a thumb too. It rides pretty well, but I've got to find a way to bring this vehicle back down to terra firma.

Front wheel arch isn't any better

My apologies to the purists... I just couldn't help myself on this one non-stock addition to the exterior. Otherwise the car looks original vintage 90's Z32.

If you didn't know otherwise, you might think this was an OEM V8 installation. Of course, we know otherwise. ;-)

The GM shifter sits closer to the centerline than the Nissan, so I going to need a different shifter boot solution. I did manage to keep the Z32 knob by cutting down and threading the GM handle. Otherwise, interior is 100% OEM original. Like a real sleeper ought to be.


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