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Subject Shifter Plate Fabrication and Engine Bay v.2
Posted by Gordo NA2LS Daytona on October 06, 2018 at 6:07 PM
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Because the T56 trans is located about three inches further back in the chassis, we needed a custom shifter solution. We ended up with a 2015 Camaro unit. Illustrated here is the very robust cast steel Camaro shifter rod. We got lucky and it turned out to be the correct length between the T56 shift fork mechanism and the Z32 stock handle location.
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Visible underneath the shifter rod is the driveshaft custom CV joint which appears a the silver disc or canister. This was required because of the unique trans tailshaft ending used on the CTS-V transmissions. Had I used a 'regular' 6060 trans configuration found in most GM vehicles, it would have a long tailshaft and accepted a traditional slip yoke / U joint driveshaft.


We used a Camaro shifter mechanism and fabricated a plate to locate it on the trans tunnel. Once it was fixed, we welded the shifter mechanism to the plate and bolted the plate to the tunnel. This provides a very stable platform for the shifter.

Note that the Camaro shifter handle end was been turned down on a lathe and machined threaded to accept the stock Z32 handle. Trying to keep everything OEM Nissan in the cabin.

Finally the pic above is the engine bay is its near-final configuration. Note the air intake prohibits use of the hood prop rod, so a Winfactory strut hood pneumatic strut brace was employed. I was very satisfied with its quality and functionality.

So far we've kept all the original OEM gauges functional, have a functioning Nissan AC, and I'm pretty sure we'll be able to reconfigure the stock cruise control to the LS throttle body bell crank. There are still some wires that need rerouting and bundled, but for the most part the engine bay looks like an OEM presentation which was our original goal.

And please note that I took into consideration the comments regarding the red Z06 covers; and they have been relegated to the garage wall above my license plate collection and next to another set of Jaguar 4.0 AJ26 covers. Once installed, I have to agree with the critics...The Eddie Motorsports machined aluminum pieces are a subtle compliment to the engine bay without being overbearing and shouting, "Look at me, I'm bright red!"


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