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Subject I've always stayed w/ basics. Easy to cut through paint w/
Posted by Gordo NA2LS Daytona on August 08, 2018 at 4:19 PM
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In Reply To Speaking of technology wax and sealers.... posted by CameronSF on August 08, 2018 at 03:20 PM
Message a rotary wool pad and compound. My standard routine:

Wash: I've been using a power washer w/ a foam gun and a 14" wide boars hair brush. It's a lot faster than a sponge or mit, but washing is washing.

Claybar: While car is still wet, I'll use a clay bar lubed up w/ a small spritz of detailer. Then rinse.

Squeegee; leaf blower, and Dry w/ waffle pattern microfiber towel.

Polishing Compound: I use a fine polish or glaze remover w/ random orbital polisher (ROP) and a medium density foam pad. I've been using Maguiars or Mother's products with good results. Was using the Griot brand, but for polishing these seem to work just as well and are less expensive.

Useful tip: To remove both the polish and wax residue, I use a "Lake County" white microfiber pad on the ROP. These 6"-7" furry pads have a 1/4" nap and are sold as 'light cutting pads'; but I've been using them for years to remove both the polish and wax compounds with great results. Change when they get gummed up; and keep them marked as to their use, e.g., wax, polish, compound, etc. So much easier than using a microfiber towel and muscle.

Wax: I like carnauba wax on a soft foam pad w/ the ROP. Usually its Mothers or Maguiars. Buff it out w/ ROP and Lake Country pad.

Wheels: Don't forget the brake dust on the wheels. Get it off with a good wheel cleaner before it etches into the paint / powder-coat. And no high gloss tire shines of any kind. Either leave the tires natural rubber or apply a rubber preservative / cleaner like Adams, etc... and even then I usually wipe off the excess.

I have two Porter Cable random orbital polishers, and alternate using them w/ different foam or microfiber pads.

I wax every two weeks if I'm driving the car. Four to six weeks if its just sitting in the garage.


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