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Subject speak for yourself......
Posted by LJZTT on May 16, 2018 at 10:19 PM
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In Reply To eh, its something we do posted by vorpalZ on May 16, 2018 at 09:48 PM
Message You can read your own subtext if you wish but it is your own. I simply have outgrown seeing things how I think they should be and I see them for how they actually are. Had Nissan limited production to 20% of what it actually produced, these cars would surely be listing and selling more or less the same as the other apples of the era. The GTR will not see similar used prices as the Z32. There simply aren't going to be enough of them out there.

Look at M cars. They suffer the exact same used market as the Z32. Simple supply and demand. Two bids driving up the price well over double the typical ceiling does not = demand, that is either a couple of dummies, or a shill playing a dummy for a fool. We all know there are shady people in our neck of the market woods. I dont put it beyond this case at all.

I'm having a difficult time believing that TWO people are enough of a Z nut to absolutely have to have a black/black 94TT, that they would over pay by tens of thousands, I could see it if one of them was going to garage the thing and the other guy was just clueless, that is plausible, but to drive it? No way, TWO people that much of a Z32TT nut and neither realize these cars pop up relatively frequently with fairly low miles? This auction is kinda fishy IMHO. Again, buyer should request auction site to verify the IP addresses....I smell shill. Look at the data plot on that site alone, there is a red 90TT with similar miles that sold for 15k lol. You cannot tell me electric HICAS and b-pillar seatbelts is worth 30k. I can see one guy being ignorant of the market, but TWO at the same time who know enough about Z32's to know that they want a 94 and will pay a premium? Sorry, I'm not buying it, pardon the pun.

With all that being said, if any of our cars are going to bring premiums, it will be 94-95TT's with true LOW miles. So other Z32 guys thinking this sale somehow means something for them are delusional unless they are sitting on a sub-10k 94-95TT. And even then, you're going to need to hold out a long time for the next sucker unless 20-30k is a good sale for you. No disdain, just reality.

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