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Subject Would you consider a fuse a bottleneck on a say 4 gauge
Posted by kickerzx on May 11, 2018 at 2:44 PM
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In Reply To I think that number was provided by RobZ. No clue how he posted by ZXoltan on May 11, 2018 at 12:11 PM
Message power wire?
Try breathing through a plastic straw and then cut it down to 1 cm and try again. Any difference?
For all we know as long as the tb can actually flow enough air a smaller one might have a beneficial venturi effect and aid it all.
Just a though.

And im probably gonna get some heat for this but.
I previously had
Stock TBs, Stock intakepiping, Doolz intake, z1`s 675 turbokit, Ash v1 sidemount ic`s. Link ecu running stock triggersystem (which is a crazy inacurate setup) and JWT 400+ cams

Now i have 58mm TBs, ash`s 2.5" intakepiping, no joint filtersystem (refeered to as planar i beleive?) Gt2863gtx (v1) turbos, same IC`s, a better ecu with crankfitted triggering (very stable) and JWT 500 cams

Care to guess when my car was actually the fastest? Hint. Its not the later setup.

Also i log pressure in the intake as well as just in front of the throttlebody and the pressure in front of the tb is actually lower than in the manifold under wot. Opposite at part throttle as you would expect...

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