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Subject I made myself a BBK
Posted by BlackholeZ on January 30, 2018 at 12:29 AM
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Message For those that aren't on Facebook, and for better forum feedback, here goes.

I've been thinking for a long time about brake upgrades, but the college budget forces patience. Also I wasn't really thrilled on a lot of the upgrade options. The 350z calipers require modifying the knuckle, and have pad overhang. The Evo calipers you either have to grind the caliper or run an adapter with some really thin walls around the bolt holes. I'm not a fan of the looks of the CTS-V calipers. The 4-pot SRT Brembos aren't bad, and were what I'd had my eye on, but I still wasn't thrilled with their looks. I was even thinking of running analysis on the stock AL caliper and seeing if I thought I'd be able to open it up to fit a larger rotor without pad overhang. Also I needed a kit that fit under a 17" wheel. I run 18s for street wheels, but 17s for autocross and canyon runs because track tires a a lot cheaper on 17s.

Then I stumbled onto a set of Brembos off a '10-'13 Hyundai Genesis Coupe. A friend of mine had recently been working on a brake upgrade for his Fiero and had built a killer spreadsheet so I got to comparing rotors and actually settled on the rotor that came with the caliper. 340mm, 5x114.3, 69mm centerbore, and I'd seen Genesis running 17" wheels for the track so I knew there was a good chance that they'd fit. 140mm is a lot to fit under a 17.

Anyway, I settled on a caliper and rotor, and got to work. I've got access to a machine shop at school and that really helped. It took less than 3 weeks from settling on a rotor to mounted on my Z.

For now I'm happy to just have some awesome brakes. I'll be tweaking the bracket and possibly making a final, lighter version out of 7075. It's funny how building a race car from the ground up suddenly makes things seem so much more feasible on your road car.

How about some pics;

Mounted under my 18s.

Stock Comparison

Rotor comparison

17" wheel

I started with a water jetted plate to check the spacing.

Then modeled, 3d printed, and then machined.

Got the pads fitting nicely.

Looking into optimizing the design a bit. For the nerds, this was assuming my 3500lb Z was decelerating at 1.5G using only the front brakes. FOS>10 for 6061-T6


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