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Subject well if you got deep pockets go for it, not sure why you
Posted by LJZTT on January 02, 2018 at 5:35 PM
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In Reply To Re: dont waste your money posted by 95_300zx_NoMore on January 02, 2018 at 04:30 PM
Message would even mention cost-to-keep-on-road in #1 based on your reply. The more money you spend on your DD, the less money you will be spending on your "weekend warrior / nice date" car....

I think your definition of weekend warrior is obviously wildly divergent from mine or anyone else I know. Kind of like wanting a high fuel mileage DD but also want to tow a 48' yacht. Do you want 45+ mpg or do you want to tow a yacht, which is it? Never heard of a weekend warrior doubling as a nice date car.....not much of a nice date car if 99.9% of women would rather not be driven to dinner in it shouting over the exhaust noise.

Just get another TT and be done with it if you dont care about pulling $ away from your red TT for the DD. Seems like you have conflicting priorities to me.

I love driving my TT as much as anyone, but I dont have bottomless bank accounts and I dont bother wasting my time with half-measures...I want a cheap DD so that my TT can be this that or the other, I get the cheapest DD I can find in terms of price plus operating costs so I can focus more of my time and $ on my TT. The word "BUILD" doesn't even apply if the purpose of the DD is to advance my TT goals.

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