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Subject Comparing build Options
Posted by 95_300zx_NoMore on January 02, 2018 at 3:41 PM
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Message I've been playing with the idea of a build and wanted to get people's thoughts on it.

1: Non-turbo/supercharged
I already have a red TT car
and want to have an NA car because let's face it, they require less money to keep on the road haha

The power-train options i'm considering is VG30DE w/5 speed manual OR a VH45DE w/TT automatic.

2: Slicktop or T-tops
The next thing I'm not sure of is if I should try to go for a slicktop or 2+0 with t-tops.
The car will be Midnight blue(TH1 color code)
So i can try to find a 1990 that came that color stock but only with T-tops Or get a slicktop and have to pay a ton for paint (I hate cheap mismatching paint jobs)

3(and last): Interior
Charcoal or Tan. This is mostly a matter of preference, but there are some possible set backs. Slicktops only came with black/charcoal interiors so sourcing a roof-liner in Tan won't be possible. I'd have to get one custom made if i went that route. This isn't an issue with the T-tops.

Overall i want the car to be like a unique blend of what's possible with stock parts and stock nissan stuff. I might do wheels, exhaust and intake but that's about it. Tho some power is nice and that's why i'm considering the VH

Also another reason for consider an automatic transmission is because i live in Los Angeles, and if you've ever been stuck in LA traffic with a manual you've had that moment of doubt where you kinda wish you weren't in a manual, and I already have a manual twin turbo so that's just another thought.

I'm looking for this car to be more of a reliable daily driver so my red TT becomes more of a weekend warrior/nice date car

If you read this far thanks. and if you comment then double thanks

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