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Subject fly in Specialty Z for a local dyno tuning weekend
Posted by vorpalZ on October 01, 2017 at 1:06 PM
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In Reply To How do I get my z tuned? posted by pearlzed on October 01, 2017 at 11:22 AM
Message I've been doing it for years here in Edmonton, all because I wanted my car tuned by Specialty Z

Find a local dyno shop that will allow rental for custom tuners... get a Dynojet shop, that's the brand Greg & Seb are most familiar with.. 224X if possible. Get an hourly rental rate from them.

Contact the local Zed guys... paging Zbullet... and get a group together who want custom dyno tuning... lots of Zeds in the Ontario Z Club that I met last year at Zcon Toronto

Contact Greg & Seb and figure out a date they can come out. Get tuning costs figured out as well

Figure out costs for airfare, accommodation, food, dyno rental time and divide the costs by the number of people tuning. Get deposits well before the date.
Get full payment at least 30 days before dyno weekend... no refunds unless they can get someone else to take the slot. Don't book more than 3-4 cars a day as you will always run over time. Take an extra day rather than try to jam all the cars through in one or two days.

Greg and Sebs tuning fees are separate from the expenses outlined above... have people pay for tuning at the dyno when they're done, fees will vary based on tuning, multiple fuels, Haltech setup, etc. Pay in US cash... that's the best :)

There... easy!

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