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Subject E85 is still prone to detonation. It is not detonation free
Posted by Kyle(Houston) on August 09, 2017 at 7:46 PM
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In Reply To Hey Kyle, this engine was running on E85, so I posted by MixManMash on August 09, 2017 at 06:21 PM
Message Especially if you have one cylinder that has an issue vs the other cylinders.

Look at the difference in the tops of the pistons between #1 and #2. Both have marks from hitting things but look at how nice and clean #1 looks vs #2. I would be willing to bet that #3-#6 all look like #1

:#1 Piston

:Here is #2 Piston

There is a lot of carbon build up and pitting on #2 vs #1. It could be from an injector or spark problem in that cylinder. That could have caused extreme detonation and cylinder pressure in that one cylinder that could have caused the failure.

Also look at #2 combustion camber vs #4 and #6. It has all sorts of carbon build up and pitting in it. You can still see some pitting and white on the exhaust valves in #4 and #6 which indicates detonation and head but it is not nearly as bad as #2

:Passenger side(#2 on far right)

I am working with Patrick via Email to figure out exactly what caused this issue. I certainly think some sort of issue was happening in #2 cylinder but I am extremely sure it was not a torque spec issue.

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