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Subject Re: I have pretty much the identical setup on the red zed
Posted by Nissanrawpower on April 20, 2017 at 5:39 PM
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In Reply To I have pretty much the identical setup on the red zed posted by vorpalZ on April 20, 2017 at 11:46 AM
Message So here is the backstory of why I asked this question, I bought a 300zx back 7 years ago when I was younger, didn't really know anything about them, I saw one driving one time when I was with my dad and knew it was a car I always wanted, so I found one around where I live for cheap, turns out it had a lot of problems, it had 95,000 miles on it, just had a turboback exhaust, a z1 chip, and pod filter. once I bought it, I drove it for a while, started noticing some oil underneath the car, then started noticing blue smoke. shit, I was thinking, didn't have a good job at the time, just bought this car and its already shitting out of on me. found that the drivers side turbo seal had blown causing oil to cover the clutch, found the valve covers leaking, rear oil seal leaking, basic maintenance issues for a 300zx, so more $$$$. With the body being in really great shape, no rust, I decided lets just go all in. found a great job, started making $$ and saving, car sat at my grandparents house in their garage for 5 years, things came up, my project was put on the backburner, 2 years ago today, I finally dove back into it, started saving money again, send my longblock out to kyle at IPP, had him build me a longblock, started researching turbos went with the jwt530bb because this was only meant to be a street car at the time. started researching the mods the goal was to be able to run e85 with it becoming really popular and a great way to make power, ended up buying MSP manifolds, ashspec inlet and intercooler piping, 740cc injectors with the 300 degree fuel rail and stainless lines, tomei fuel pressure regulator, ati super damper pulley, 3in turboback, everything that I could replace at the time the engine has been pulled has been replaced maintenance wise, did the whole 120k kit, which comes up to today, just due to time and financial issues, I have finally got the engine back in this car, all that needs done is plumbing and this thing will finally be back on the road after 7 years!!!! the last time I drove it was 2 years ago when I took it to my buddies shop to start tearing it apart, thank god for good friends for letting it sit there for so long. just was curious about what kind of power it was going to make and how people liked their setup because this is what ill be running. it will be great to be back in a Z.

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