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Subject Re: take how your wilwoods perform..there you go
Posted by Bad Fish on March 22, 2017 at 5:17 PM
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In Reply To take how your wilwoods perform..there you go posted by genic on March 22, 2017 at 11:04 AM
Message The main difference is in the combined piston area of the caliper. More piston area equates to more brake force. LJ's 6 pot Wilwoods may very well have the exact same piston area that the stock calipers had. If you increase the front piston area the rear needs to be increased by a similar percentage, assuming rotors stay the stock diameter front and rear. All of the calipers used in the aftermarket kits have significantly larger combined area than stock. These kits also increase the front rotor diameter ratio over stock (factory brakes had slightly smaller diameter front rotors versus the rears). I know all of this as I really wanted to use one of the adapted kits to get better braking performance for less money. After researching it is obvious that these kits are not properly balanced. The one upside is that they all appear to increase front bias. This leads to the car being more stable under braking but will actually increase stopping distance. I personally don't find this acceptable when kits like StopTech are tested on each platform and will actually decrease stopping distance while also giving the benefit of reducing brake fade. On the opposite end, wait until someone puts together a kit that increases rear brake bias too much. You are going to see people spinning their cars under heavy braking, braking in the rain etc. That is the point that most seem to be making in this thread. The guys putting these kits together don't know what the hell they are doing outside of just making them fit. I haven't seen any data supporting better braking. Look up StopTech's website and check out the testing they do when developing a kit for a new platform. Not only is stopping distance tested but they also perform a variety of maneuvers while braking to see how the car handles. If I saw any of these kits tested in a similar manner and perform properly I would change my mind and put one together for myself.

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