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Subject oh please....
Posted by LJZTT on March 19, 2017 at 10:36 PM
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In Reply To They (Eximious) don't have a 13" rotor adapter, not to say posted by en5 on March 19, 2017 at 09:55 AM
Message No aftermarket BBK is designed for any specific car, the phrase is not and has never been meant to be taken literally.

HOWEVER there is a reason why most aftermarket brake companies make a large variety of calipers...SO YOU CAN PICK THE ONE THAT BEST MATCHES YOUR EXISTING BRAKING SYSTEM or the system you are designing from other words, if you are just doing the fronts to eliminate brake fade at moderate track use or hard mountain driving, then you get the calipers with total piston area as close to OEM as possible while increasing swept area. If you are getting mammoth oversized fronts, then you need to get proportionally mammoth oversized rears, and you may end up having to go aftermarket with your BMC if you increase total piston area too much relative to BMC diameter

Show me ONE thread here with anyone claiming BBKs require "Manned Mars Mission level of engineeering".....oh you can't because it never happened and never happens.

If the subject creates lengthy threads here (as opposed to every other car forum) it is because a LOT of people do not understand how brakes work and the relationships between BMC diameter, piston area, pad height/swept area, and how they affect braking torque, braking bias, and pedal feel....

So half the thread is usually dealing with bad information, while trying to explain clearly to someone that they are going to fuck up their brakes even though the cool kids are all doing it and swear they are better than ever (when they wouldnt know the difference sitting in a Sonic parking lot or doing "highway pulls" anyway.)

Considering brakes are debatably the most important system on the car, and this site is populated with "do it the right way" types, whom you like to disparage as "purists", it should surprise no one that BBK threads get lengthy as the site and its members try to steer people away from flat-out wasted money at best, disaster, ruin, and potential physical harm, at worst.

If anything, the BBK threads on this site are an indication that this site is still well more than a cut above other car forums I have joined which serve as nothing more than a social affirmation venue, where no matter how stupid or detrimental a modification you make to a car, it gets received with applause and praise. It is the car guy version of a participation-trophy tee-ball league. I'd rather puke into my own asshole, no thanks.

BTW calipers are NOT the "least complex pieces of tech on your car". They may not be the most complex, but they are not a set of exhaust pipes or a K&N filter. Unlike many parts that simply anything that fits can be used, if you do not understand the braking system you can and most likely will fuck your shit up. I watched two Subaru morons show up at a performance driver's ed event with various driving tests set up on a closed runway and during the 70-0 braking test, they were not happy to find that their pricey mammoth BBK was being out performed by a non-moron Subaru owner on OEM brakes with aggressive pads. They had ALL KINDS of excuses though, it was a lot of fun to overhear and we all had a nice private chuckle at their rather high expense. My recommendation to the OP....don't be one of those guys.

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