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Subject Occupation: Student
Posted by Dave N on March 14, 2017 at 3:52 PM
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In Reply To I need to either sell or fix my Z posted by Anath3ma on March 14, 2017 at 02:55 PM
Message I'm not knocking you for being a student, but owning a Z while trying to further yourself via an education is a big challenge.

The general advice from those who have been in your position is to park (or sell) the car and get a reliable beater until you complete your education. So that pretty much covers option 1, except I think $5K for a car with that many miles and keeps having problems isn't a realistic expectation. You're probably going to take a bigger loss on the sale of the car.

Option 2: Factor about $1K for JDM N/A engine, plus another $1K for parts (you should plan to do a 120K service before dropping the motor in the car + any other incidentals like clutch, hoses, harnesses, etc). Not sure if you'd be doing the labor yourself or paying someone else to do the work, but it'd be best to budget about $1K in labor costs. Add another $500 or so for A/C repairs. That's a total of $3.5K more on top of what you've already put into the car at this point. So you're into the car for a total of $10.5K and it may still not be fully sorted out (not sure what other issues you may be facing, but @ 220K miles, plan on other problems cropping up). If you are considering a TT swap, you'll need to double these cost estimates.

For a daily driver, look for something economical, reliable, and fuel efficient. Any of the econobox Corollas, Civics, etc, would ensure you are able to get to school and/or work and not leave you stranded.

Don't get me wrong, the Z32 can be a reliable car but it requires investments of money and time to reach that point. In my opinion, put your education first so you can make the money and time to work on this Z (or a different one).

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