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Subject SELLING: 1992 Nissan 300zx TT 99k miles Lemans Blue TwinZ AP Kit
Posted by zxnazx(tt) on January 13, 2019 at 1:26 AM
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Message Selling my Personal 1992 z32 TT 
The z was being built for the last two years and after it was done plans have changed due to the growing family. 

I will assist in shipping the car anywhere in the US or outside the US.

There is more than 60k invested in this project over the years it took to finish.

Price 40k

The Z has less than 1000 miles since all have been installed and tuned. Almost everything That was replaced updated has less than 1000 miles on it. Wheels about 1000 miles/Tires less 200 miles.
The Z is rarely driven but started and warmed up every week. 
Boost Leak Check done two weeks ago. 
Everything Works Good. As i have already Said the car is NOT being Sold because of Issues, it has No issues. 
The compression is 155 to 160 in all six.
The engine has no leaks .

The z was built by my own shop which has done much work in the z community since early 2000's.  For those wanting to see some prep pics i have added some at the bottom of the ad. 

The Z is currently driven at 15 pounds Low boost setting and has not seen more than 18 pounds yet.
Few months ago we drove up to Specialty Z where the car was tuned. Prior to that we lifted the car by an inch and aligned it for the trip.

The car pulls steady 455 horses with 408 torque on 15 pounds of boost. Due to the fact CA gas is Not So GOOD and if we ran e85 set up Greg said would of seen number in the 600 range with this set up. I was extremely happy to see the above 400 mark as the plan was always just a reliable z and not a quarter mile car. While we were tuning we realized the fuel pump needs to upgraded and so we did upgraded it with the high flow pump and bypassed the fuel pump controller while we were at it.
Month ago replaced the front spindles/hubs/kingpin on both sides as i found some play in one of the kingpins. Now feels much better.
All work Was Done at my shop. The Z gets driven less and less and spends most of the time inside the garage. In the last two years after the z was tuned it has seen less than 300 miles. Growing family leaves no time for the z……
The odometer on the Z is 99k miles
If you have questions please call Dan 9167691299

Car has a clean title.  Here is some background on the car….

The project began after i purchased this z32 with a blown motor, then bought a 1994 TT from a 70 year old guy who was rear ended and had 80 k miles on the z (bone stock). The entire 94 swap was then transferred into the 1992. After driving the car as a stock car for a year i decided to completely repaint the car into a different color and instal few upgrades. 

Due to the fact that i run a shop and have a family the project took a bit longer to finish than expected (almost four years).

The car was fully stripped and prepped to be painted into LeMans Blue. 

Body Exterior:

TwinZ design Body kit:
TwinZ Nose panel
Custom Front Grille
Nismo Badging 
TwinZ design Front bumper/front lip/Side skirts/Rear Spoiler/ Mud Guards
Kaminari Door fillers and side skirts are used with an additional of Twin z Skirts
Extra Front Bumper OEM with Stillen Front Lip is also painted to match, This bumper is a spare bumper and will be included into the sale.
The body was fully prepped with PPG NCP280 poly flex primer. All body kit parts prepped and primed to be painted. Several weeks was spent on prepping the body and the Body Kit to be painted. The z has three layers of clear which is enough for years to come to be worked with. 

All New OEM Moldings were Used on the Z, door, quarter windows, upper moldings all new. 

New JDM 99 speck tail lights/center panel
Hood Struts Mats Garage 

Rear Full aluminum Diffusor is installed Created by Mats Garage. 
New windshield . New seals around the rear Glass when that was cut for paint.
****Suspension **
New PowerTrix Coil overs Latest model
Upper front adjustable control arms Stillen
Front adjustable tension PowerTrix
Rear Upper adjustable PowerTrix 
Upper Strut Bar front and rear PowerTrix
Stillen Sway bars front and rear 
Lower control arms lower OEM new
Rear Hicas elimination Stillen with new inner and out tigh rods
New Steering rack with new inner tigh rods With SPL outer lowered profile tigh rods. New Bushings on the rack. 
High pressure power steering hose new. 
94 NA power steering pump with braket 
Nismo Transmission Mount 
BDE low profile Engine Mounts to accommodate the larger IC piping.

***** Drive train************************************************************

Z1 steel Drive shaft 
Stillen short shifter 
1994 Manual 5 speed transmission with better synchros 
RPS Segmented flywheel with RPS MAX street Clutch 
350z upgraded fork release kit
NEW OEM NISSAN Clutch Master Cylinder with 94 TT Clutch Booster
Steel Braided Clutch line
New OME Nissan Slave cylinder
center clutch needle bearing 
Rear subframe solid colors to eliminate wheel hop
Under drive pulley Newest version of the UR Stock Size lighter Pulley 
OEM Belts 
94 TT Low mileage Diff/axles/bearings/everything from a 94 donor car was installed into the 92.
HICAS Delete Z1 with New oem inner and outer tigh rods rear.

****Brakes! Best brakes by far
Ap Racing Six piston Fronts 13.5 Inch rotor 
AP racing brake fluid
AP racing Rears . Steel braided brake lines
New OEM Nissan Brake master cylinder. Booster was used  from a 94 TT
Master cylinder brace

AME TM02's forged made by Enkei Japan 
18 by 9 inches all around with New Hankook Tires
Lug nuts mix of Rays Locks and steel lug nuts
Center rings
*****Engine Performance 
Oxygen sensors 
All Hard Lines water lines and oil lines Replaced
All Vacuum silicone Hoses replaced
Oil Tree gasket
Rear main seal, all engine gaskets, valve cover gaskets, Intake lower plenum gaskets, New Spark plugs colder, new Coil packs, New PTU, PTU Relocated to the cooler front location, New oil pump Nissan, Oil pan cleaned resealed, Exhaust gaskets new on the motor/ header/turbos/exhaust all new gaskets.
Plenum Delete water lines, Lots of stuff cleaned up eliminated. EGR delete.
All water/oil lines new.
All New Fuel Lines high pressure OEM grade or better 
New Fuel pressure regulator OEM NISSAN
New Fuel pressure Damper OEM NISSAN
New Air Regulator OEM NISSAN
New Air idle control regulator NEW OEM
New Engine Wiring Harness 94/95 style for the new CAS
NEW Water TEMP OEM Nissan
New Fan Clutch OEM NISSAN 
New Fan Blade NISSAN 
New Cam seals gaskets 
NEW BDE CAM Gears No more Chattering 
New Silicone Pipes Z1, LOTS OF Z1 silicone Hoses
New water Pump
New timing Belt
New Tensioner
ALL NEW idle pulleys, studs.
Nismo Cooler thermostat 
Balance tube Chromed 
Coil packs brakets chromed
Lots of chrome stuff
New Style Nismo 740 injectors 
CZP Fuel adapter for the Defi Sensor
Oil sensor OEM replaced with Defi Sensor
JWT 700BB turbos with braided oil lines
Matched with Specialty Z 3 inch Down Pipes and Specialty Z Full Cat Back exhaust
Mike Smith Manifolds Authentic once
Full Ash 2.5 Piping Kit, all intercooler piping Replaced with ASHES 2.5 piping
Dual MAF with Selin Translator New Generation 
ASHES massive Side mount intercoolers with the air guides (Great Thanks to Greg specialtyZ) 

JWT short filters for the dual MAF set up
HKS twin Ignition 
Z1 Large front oil engine cooler
Power Steering Cooler added 
Z speed lower Shields two
New Transmission/battery terminal cables

Subaru Brz leather/Suede Seats custom made to fit the z
Nardi Authentic steering wheel
CD Player Alpine MP3 USB Stock Speakers Sounds Great.
Red stitched shift boot/Ebrake/Suede arm rest stitched
Doors and other panels have been redone with leather/perforated vinyl
Dash board not pealing
Ignition Keys All Three available, all three that came with the car when it was new Titanium key, black and red key.
Floor mats replaced few years ago
NEW Vin label on the Door Jam custom ordered 

Defi Advance CR Gauges with the Brain unit
Oil Pressure 
Fuel Pressure 
Water Temp
CZ Gague Pod
Apexi Boost Gauge with the Pod no longer available discontinued
Greddy Profec B New Gen Boost controller 
AME Wide band gauge sensor 
T top handles New, T top interior New T top exterior New 

New Koyo aluminum Radiator /Stillen Hard line water hoses
NEW CZP upper hose with the sensor holder built in Upper hose
Upper cooling plate MEGAZ new brushed steel not installed
New Two speed TT AC fan
AC system fully operational out of a 94 TT
AC lines new seals everywhere 
AC condenser Cleaned 
New Radiator cap
HKS engine Oil Cap

Stillen Ground KIT
New optima Battery
CZP battery brace
CZP battery Terminal holder
CZP throttle body shields
CZP engine dress up bolts
Timing Covers Bolts Bushings replaced CZP
Lights Xenon low beam

Engine Oil Amsoil 
Red line transmission Oil
Red line Diff Oil 

The z has always been hand washed only.......

Probably forgetting things but if you have questions please ask. 
(916) 7691299 Dan
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Here is the Prep process pics, just some, if you want to see more copy and paste the link and past there are more pics.

copy the paste the link
[ ]

 photo IMG_8036_zpsgjl17hr0.jpg
 photo IMG_6050_zpsorkppkxu.jpg
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