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Subject SELLING: SPL Parts / McCulloch Radiator, TT oil filter tree, mirror
Posted by hojoshouse on November 18, 2018 at 5:20 PM
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Message SPL Parts / McCulloch Radiator ($300)
(I did not have the top hood brackets mounted, and the radiator got pushed back... It can be welded for $100-$200, and then it will not leak)

•Heat exchanger has 3/8 NPT inlet/outlet, and can be used for engine oil cooling or transmission/differential oil cooling.
•No pressure loss from pressure bypass type stock oil cooling system. Our twin-turbo develops over 100 PSI of oil pressure at 6000+ rpms for maximum engine/bearing protection.
•Coolant capacity is much larger, so coolant acts as a thermal bath to stabilize oil temperatures, reducing spikes in oil temperature.
•Coolant warms up oil faster to ideal operating temperature (~160-200degF) on cold starts.
•Internal heat exchanger is safer; Rocks/debris could rupture an external oil cooler which can cause catastrophic oil loss.
•The radiator has 1/8NPT output on the radiator neck for the overflow tank, and another port on the other side of the radiator to be used for water temp gauge, which makes gauge installation a snap.

TT oil filter tree $65
Passenger side mirror (super white, non-heated) - $60
CASH or PayPal only.
Prices do not include shipping


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