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Subject SELLING: >>>WingZ D'oh!<<<
Posted by MegaZ on May 31, 2018 at 4:31 AM
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Message Now and then while making my WingZ, I make a mistake. In this case I have made 2 mistakes. Since I'm only halfway thru the fabrication, I have some flexibility. The top pic shows Woody75's WingZ and this sale is for a similar set-up, but without the side panels. Woody's has the open front for quick access to the MAFS without removing the airguide.

This unit will also have the VIN cutout as seen in the second pic.

Because I have not cut the rear side of the radiator bracket, I can make this work with several radiators.

Let me sum up:

*I can finish this for Koyo, Mishimoto, Howe, AMS, PWR, JVT
*Open front edge for access to MAFS
*VIN cutout
*Hood prop rod clip is not yet cut, but I can still do that
*Polished SS finish
*TT core support

Open Front and no hood rod clip hole...

VIN Cutout...

WingZ Center Sections (what you are considering)...


If you want a full WingZ (add side panels) email me...

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