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Subject SELLING: Inventory Stash Clear Out!
Posted by pearlwhite94ttz on September 29, 2017 at 6:20 PM
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Real Name:Matthew Pingel
Location:Fort Worth, TX 76114 USA
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Message I have a TON of parts for sale, some not pictured or listed, so if you need something, please feel free to ask. I have numerous harnesses I am trying to sort out and find details on before posting as well.

Please check fitment and ensure the parts fit your vehicle. I have done some research on year and model specific parts, but the information is only as accurate as my source, NissanPartsDeal. Items are sold as-is, and were working when pulled from my donor cars.

Photos are available, just tell me what you want to see and I'll send photos

OEM Bose Radio
OEM CD Player
Damaged Black/Black T-Tops (Good Glass)
Silver Driver Side Mirror
Gauge Cluster from 1991 NA
Driver Side White Electronic Mirror
OEM NA Intake pipes
17001 30P11 - Fuel Pump Module (NA)
28505 48P10 - HICAS Control (93-96 TT)
Vaccuum Sensor?
28555 48P10 -
25952 40P00 -
Cruise Control Lever
Interior Fuse Panel
22020 97E10 - New Style PTU (93-96)
Climate Control Sensor
Hazzard Button
Passenger Window Switch
Passenger Interior Door Handle
Boost Leak Tester
Red Rear Sidemarkers
24810 45P01 - NA Gauge Cluster 152k Miles
47850 48P00 - ABS Anti-Skid Module (94-96)
47850 30P01 - ABS Control Module (90-94)
28660 30P00 - Fuel Pump Relay
28451 F9903 - Door Lock Timer
28451 F9901 - Door Lock Timer
28515 30P00 - Amp Assy Auto P/W (90-96)
28590 30P00 - Theft Warning (90-94)
28590 46P01 - Theft Warning (90-96)
28590 48P10 - Theft Warning (94-96)
28510 80P00 - Relay Assy Wiper
18930 48P11 - Cont Assy ASCD (93-96)
28570 30P00 - Cont- Pass Belt
28500 43P10 - Power Steering Control Module (90-94)
28500 43P20 - Power Steering Control Module (94-96)
Hood Security Switch
Rear Wiper Motor
Cylinder Illumination Ring
Blitz FATT DC Turbo Timer
Tail Light Harness
J30 Throttle Body Spring Covers
Bose Center Speaker Cover
Driver Window Switch
Fuel Damper
Hood Stick Radiator Support Bracket
OEM Oil Cap
Red Badgeless Nose Panel
Black 5 speed Fuse Panel Cover with Foot Rest
Brake Booster
OEM Emergency Jack Kit with Scissor Lift, Crank, Tire Iron, Wheel Chocks and Foam
OEM Gas Hatch Shocks
Hood Release Cable
ASCD Motor and Cable (Cruise Control)
Front Left and Right Lower Control Arms
Condenser Fan
Exhaust Heat Shield
Miscelaneous Hard pipes
Chrome TT Intake Hardpipe set (Damage to one pipe, can be repaired)
Front Windshield Wiper Motor
Brake Hardline
Inner Tie Rod for 94-96 TT HICAS system
Red Samco Upper Radiator Silicone Pipe
OEM Used Upper Radiator Pipe
Nissan Tire Inflator Canister
Clutch Master Cylinder
Alternator Pulley (4 rib)
Water Pump Pulley (4 rib)
NA Power Steering Pulley (4 rib)
Upper Idler Pulley
Clutch Booster
Windshield Wiper Arms and Blades
Accelerator Pedal
Power Steering Fluid Reservoir (90-96 NA, 94-96 TT)
Hatch Lock and Release Assembly
Driver Interior Door Handle Assembly with Cable and Bracket
Hood Latch Assembly
Door Hinges
Hood Hinges
Emergency Brake Boot
Homemade Boost Leak Tester
T-Bolt Clamps
Transmission Support Bar
Oil Filter Relocation Kit
Airbag Clockspring
6x Coilpacks - All Ohm within Spec
Silver Fuel Filler Door
Black Fuel Filler Door
Rear Aluminum Crash Bar
Front Crash Bar with Gas Shocks and Foglight Buckets (Some Damage but usable)
OEM NA Radiator with Shroud and Lower Radiator Hose
Fuel Tank Saddle
T-Top Middle Bar (Damaged)
NA Cooling Fan and Clutch
Front Bumper Support Bar
Hood Latch Mount T
47600-30P01 ABS Pump (90-94)
Front Fender Mounting Brackets
Black Lower Door Trim
OEM Radio Antenna
Hatch Windshield Wiper Arm with Motor
Radio Bezel Mounting Bracket
Various HVAC Hardlines
Black T-Top Hatch Strap
Hatch Key Tumbler
2+0 Custom Aftermarket Exhaust
Bare Front Clip with Headlight Buckets, Radiator Support and Inner Fenders
Passenger Side Rear Quarter Panel with Quarter Window Glass -$350
Driver Side Rear Quarter Panel without Quarter Window Glass (Not cut in front of spot welds. Will need to be patch welded) - $100
OEM Black Rear Bumper
Tan Quarter Window Trim
COMPLETE Tan Rear Hatch Interior (Broken Tab in center, DS Tail Light)
Tan Leather Seats (For Recovery. Good motor in Driver Seat) - $80
Quarter Window Glass Cut-off Removal
OEM Fog Lights

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