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Subject SELLING: VTC Solenoid Caps
Posted by BlackholeZ on May 19, 2015 at 12:43 PM
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BlackholeZ VTC Solenoid Caps

The VTC Solenoids come from the Nissan with a black tarry potting compound covering the electrical terminals. Over time, the heat of the motor breaks the potting compound down and it runs off of the solenoids and makes a mess in the engine bay (Fig 1). Underneath the potting compound is a plastic cap that serves as a stop for the solenoid pintle and seals the solenoid, which is open inside the valve cover. This cap has broken in some cases, causing oil to leak out and in extreme cases, the solenoid pintle has come out of the sensor. (Fig 2)

These caps serve a dual purpose; to reinforce the plastic shell of the solenoid to prevent it from ever breaking, and also to clean up the mess that is caused by the tarry potting compound. Price is $45 for 2 caps and 2 packets of urethane plus $5 shipping. Orders of four or more are $35 per set plus $5 shipping (within reason, I'll have to figure out a pricing for shipping larger quantities.) Email me at with your paypal address and I will send you an invoice.

Fig 1: Potting compound has deteriorated. Photo: Barry (NJ)

Fig 2: Plastic cap completely failed. Pintle and spring can fall out. (Photo: Platupus from this thread)

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